Yemen remains the wild card. They are clearly not bluffing when they say they "welcome" a direct confrontation with the US.


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Looking forward to another year of your work. Happy New Year!

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Thank you for an interesting article, fellow MEMRI TV enjoyer! Great work on the ARC this year.

Only one thing missing here...the Bibi catapult for peace...

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Bro you hit the nail directly and squarely on the head. As I read that I felt like I wrote it myself. Seriously been telling people on my email list all these exact same things.

Also I agree on the civil war topic. Don't think it will happen.

I think what we might get instead is the illegal aliens might go bezerk if something happens to cut off their food cards, free money, etc...Venezuela emptied its prisons and sent them here. And all these African nations, etc...

A "cyber attack" that cripples the financial system could leave the illegals with nothing overnight, or whatever it might be that cripples their support.....I think they powers that be intend to set those people off intentionally somehow. If it happens the people in the blue sanctuary cities are in for a seriously rough ride.

A "cyber attack" that cripples

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I feel so depressed now, we are screwed really not enough people to stop this. The ID scares the hell out of me. People are completely brainwashed.

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Dec 31, 2023Liked by Michael Ginsburg

Excellent post, Michael. I'm still making my way through all of it, but I wanted to share a couple of quick thoughts.

Good to see you know about The Great Taking--I follow a number of financial channels, and they are also warning about it and say David Rogers Webb's claims are legit. Ellen Brown, attorney and author of Web of Debt, read the book and says his claims are legit. Financial experts warn about how much of your assets you keep in the system.

Totally agree with you on RFK Jr--looks like his handler is Rabbi Schmuley. And I've seen RFK Jr on twitter, tweeting at big jew money guys (hedge fund managers) promising to make sure there's no criticism of Israel on college campuses. And he's even doing a speaking event with Rabbi Schmuley and Sheldon Adelson's widow. Kind of ironic that RFK tried to get the Israeli lobby to register as a foreign agent, and now his son whores for Israel: https://www.reddit.com/r/Intelligence/comments/6qz0bl/should_aipac_register_as_a_foreign_agent/

"Even as JFK attempted to place Israel’s Dimona nuclear weapons program under US inspection, RFK ordered the AZC to openly register and disclose all of its foreign funded lobbying activity in the United States." (this is an interesting read, worth a skim, since it looks like back then the US govt actually acted like a sovereign/non-captured govt)

As for the coming cyber attack, Whitney Webb has been warning about that:

The Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) League And The Impending False Flag – w/ Whitney Webb


(they’ve been doing table-top exercises, lots of Israeli connections, maybe no election, martial law, kill ware, they want to make it big like 9/11, but in a different way, and they will probably blame Iran) Whitney asks: What intelligence agency is in all US critical infrastructure (water, nuclear, electric grid) and has a deliberate plan to get the US govt and military to attack its enemies? (answer: Israel) She adds that however the coming false flag cyber attack is played out, it is guaranteed to be blamed on Israel’s enemies.

For those short on time, she also talks about this here:

Whitney Webb on the coming false flag cyber attack:


Thanks for all of your great work, Michael.

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Great post. Stumbled across you and this post and was surprised at the overlap of some of your thoughts and predictions and my thoughts and predictions.

I'm in agreement regarding Trump, an actual election will take place, no civil war in the sense most consider will take place, but a black swan (probably cyberattack) could take place, as 2024 is the year of Digital IDs...among other things.

I recently made over 100 predictions for 2024, and am happy to see there are those sharing my evidentiary line of reasoning for predictive analysis.

Post 55: 100+ predictions


Post 56: AI basically predicts a cyberattack


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