The Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate goes GLOBAL - our "do or die" moment

This move by the WHO is The NEW WORLD ORDER actually taking over!!

Forget E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G the merry band of global psychopaths are throwing at us right now!

The CBDCs, the SDGs and so called “Climate Emergency”, the Transgender agenda, the crimes against humanity facilitated by the virus they created and the ‘vaccines’ they introduced to supposedly save us from it.

Forget about ALL of that for now! None of that matters right now!

Right now, the ONLY thing that matters is we all unite and FIGHT to stop this one single thing!

The best way to do it is through a concentrated and relentless effort to get every single nation to terminate its membership in the World Health Organisation (WHO) ASAP.

If we fail on that, nothing else will matter and the New World Order will become our collective reality…forever!


The WHO’s latest move

On Monday June 5th, The head of the WHO (a terrorist whose own native country raised concerns about his appointment as WHO Director-General) held a joint press conference with the EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety (effectively the health minister of the European Union), Cypriot Stella Kyriakides.

The WHO also published a press release on their website following the press conference which is quite bland and intentionally omits the most troubling part of the joint EU/WHO announcement.

You can hear that part in the video at the top of this post and also get a 90 second summary of the “collaboration” between the WHO and the EU in the video below or in this article by Dr. Mercola.

Why does this change EVERYTHING?

To put it in the simplest terms possible, the digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate created by the EU has now been officially handed over to the World Health Organisation and will be operated directly by them with the explicit goal of expanding it globally (supposedly to “facilitate easier global travel” but we have all seen this movie before…).

Furthermore, as Tedros the Terrorist said very clearly in that video at the top of this post, the WHO will incorporate the EU’s system into their Global Digital Health Certification Network and will expand it “soon” to also include:

A digitised international certificate of vaccination, routine immunisation card
and international patient summaries.

This means that without the WHO’s digital version of “papers please”, you will be unable to travel internationally unless you agree to be “up-to-date” with your COVID-19 ‘vaccination’ as well as all other “routine immunisations” that the WHO in their sole discretion decides you need to have.

According to the WHO’s own documents, there will be 500 of those by 2030:

You will also need to be happy to have your medical record accessible to immigration and health officials, as well as any other bureaucrat they deem to need such access, in any WHO member country you travel to or even transit through, as they will all be legally bound to use the WHO digital pass following the amendments to the International Health Regulations coming into effect.

Given there are currently 194 nations that are members of the WHO, this effectively means any country!

How does that sound? Do you see the implications of this move?

If you want to understand the full extent of the power grab that the WHO is currently in the midst of (which is a lot more than just a global digital vaccination certificate) and their multi-pronged global attack on the most fundamental human rights and even human decency itself, check out this summary.

For more commentary on this specific initiative of “Global public good” as Tedros the Terrorist called it, check out this excellent 14 minute summary by Dr. John Campbell:

Another good video to check out is a segment from the Redacted crew about the WHO’s global pandemic treaty which is also currently in the works and if passed, will become legally binding on all WHO member nations.

The global digital vaccination pass announced this week will be a major enforcement component of this treaty.

What do we do now?

In the most simple terms: WE FIGHT LIKE HELL!

We fight as if our liberty and very lives depend on it…because they actually both are!

If you think I am exaggerating, have a read of this.

The most effective way for each and every one of us to fight the WHO and their multitude attempts to effectively become the one world government is to get our country to terminate its membership in the World Health Organisation.

That, in my opinion, is the only effective way out of this impending global dictatorship coming under the guise of so called “public health”, one of the most stupid terms in-use today.

The absolute single best resource on how each individual country can leave the WHO has been prepared by

who dedicated pretty much every waking moment of his life for the last two years to educating and informing humanity on the WHO and the grave danger this international criminal cartel poses to every single man, woman, child and even infant on this planet (and this is not an exaggeration)!

You can access this monumental resource below:

James Roguski
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Every country will have slight variations about the internal process which needs to take place in order for it to formally terminate its membership of the WHO.

In the US, the Congressional Research Service prepared a briefing paper following the decision by former US President Donald Trump to terminate the membership of the United States in the WHO (a decision later reversed by Biden as one of his first acts as President).

In Australia where I live, our membership of the WHO is governed by the World Health Organization Act which was first passed by the Australian parliament in 1947 and last amended in October 2016.

Looking at the text of the act, significant portions of it appear to have been literally taken verbatim directly out of the World Health Organisation’s Constitution without any modifications whatsoever which means it was literally written by them!

I’m no legal expert but I’d imagine that any formal departure by Australia from the WHO will require either an amendment to the above act or an outright repeal of it.

I discussed this very topic with Senator Malcolm Roberts, a sitting Australian Senator for my home state of Queensland.

You can check this hour long interview below:

There can be no effective resistance without mass AWARENESS

Another great resource James has is a repository of educational material that can be used to generate awareness amongst the general public on the dangers digital vaccine certificates as well as any form of digital ID pose to the freedom and even very survival of the human race.

It has videos, documents, downloadable pamphlets and graphics for social media. It also has lots of very clear action steps (15 at the time I am posting it).

It’s a true one-stop-shop when it comes to educating the public created by a man who is now dedicating his entire life to this. A truly incredible human!

James Roguski
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