Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts on #AusExitWHO

Discussing an Australian Exit from the WHO and a few other topics

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts for an in-depth interview.

You can find a video of the full interview above and you can also find it on Rumble and Odysee.

For the audio version, please see below:


You can also listen and download an audio file of the interview through the Actionable Truth podcast on Spotify or on any other podcast app of your choice.

We focused mainly on the Australian initiative to leave the World Health Organisation in which Senator Roberts has been actively involved.

We also discussed the recent shocking revelations about the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), which is the Australian equivalent of the FDA in the US, seemingly hiding data about deaths of young children which they themselves attributed to the COVID-19 injectables.

Senator Malcolm Roberts is a long time vocal critic of the World Health Organisation

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A few days ago, Senator Roberts has moved a formal motion in the Australian Senate to launch an inquiry into the W.H.O proposed pandemic treaty.

The motion was narrowly defeated due to Senators from Australia’s ruling Labour-Greens coalition all voting against it in unison.

I personally find that to be an utter disgrace and it makes me wonder who their loyalties are really with!

As Senator Roberts rightly said:

Those who have nothing to hide don't fear the truth.

Senator Roberts has been the first elected representative in Australia (to my knowledge at least) who floated the idea of Australia leaving the United Nations, World Health Organisation and other globalist institutions.

He did that as far back as 2016 in his very first speech as a Senator in the Australian Parliament.

Back then, many people (myself included, I must admit) thought of such an idea as a bit ‘out there’ and of the Senator himself as being a bit eccentric, to put it mildly.

Fast forward only 7 years and my views on the Senator’s first speech and policies in general have changed somewhat, to put it mildly.

It is often said that it takes a great person to admit they have been wrong or have been deceived. I am now more than happy to admit that Senator Roberts had a lot more foresight than I ever had back then and am happy to eat my hat.

I think that if there is something that the last three years have definitely taught us all is to remain humble and always (always!) keep an open mind, especially when looking at facts and data.

The fiasco around the COVID-19 injectables has shown us all how dangerous, and even outright deadly, stringent scientific dogma can be.

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#AusExitWHO - the initiative for Australia to exit the World Health Organisation

These are the questions I asked the Senator on this topic:

  • What is the exact objective behind #AusExitsWHO and why do you feel it is absolutely crucial that this initiative is a success? 

  • The details and mechanics of #AusExitsWHO and specifically:

    • Who in Australia has the authority to make such decision?

    • How will such a decision be made?

    • Who is notified once a decision to go ahead with #AusExitsWHO is made?

    • Once a decision is made and the appropriate notices are issued, what is the formal process and actual steps after that in order to complete #AusExitsWHO and make it a done deal? 

    • What are the potential risks and downsides to consider before embarking on the path to #AusExitsWHO? and

    • What can everyday Australians do right now to help make #AusExitsWHO a reality?

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) hiding information and potentially misleading the Senate

The TGA is the Australian equivalent of the FDA in the United States and is headed by Prof. John Skerritt who has announced his retirement effective 18 April 2023.

This seems like a very interesting coincidence to me and resembles very much the recent retirement of another very high profile “public health official” in the US.

Through Freedom-of-information requests and associated correspondence between Dr Melissa McCann, a general practitioner based on the Whitsundays, next to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland and the TGA, evidence has emerged that the agency responsible for regulating all medical therapeutic products in Australia made a determination that there was a causal relationship between the COVID-19 injections and the death of several kids and teenagers but then hid the data from the public!

You can read more about these explosive revelations in the excellent Substack post below:

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But wait, It gets worse!

During a Senate Committee hearing in the Australian Parliament, the head of the TGA Prof. Skerritt denied that his agency hid any information about kids dying from the COVID-19 injections, despite being the person signed on one of the letters to Dr. McCann.

The video below by Dr. Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity provides excellent coverage on this, including pretty explosive video footage from the hearing itself.

Senator Roberts was one of the people who questioned Prof. Skerritt during that hearing in the Australian Senate so I asked him about that and of his general impression of the head of Australia’s peak regulatory body on anything and everything to do with medicines and other therapeutic products.

You will need to listen in to see what he had to say but suffice to say that Senator Roberts isn’t a big fan of Prof. Skerritt and the way he has been running such an important government agency…

Other topics discussed

Two other areas I touched on with the Senator were the Australian education system and the political reform that needs to happen in Australia in order to ensure that the events of the last three years never ever happen again.

Specifically I asked:

  1. How to instill critical thinking skills within the Australian people and especially the youth? and

  2. What are the key lessons for elected representatives to ensure the events of the last few years never ever happen again?

Senator Malcolm Roberts has proven to be a true servant of the people in Parliament

Over the last few years, I have really come to respect the way Senator Roberts conducts himself in Parliament and the level of rigour he applies to his work.

I also really respect his no-nonsense approach and how he always speaks up his mind openly and clearly. Very atypical for a politician if I might say…

Below are just two examples from the last few weeks:

We need more people like Senator Roberts in Parliament if we ever want to have a chance to end the madness we are currently living through, and make sure it never repeats itself ever again!

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