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Education and learning in the post-pandemic world

Education and learning in the post-pandemic world

My interview with Dr. Ursula Edgington, an education expert and published scholar

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I sat down for an interview with

, an expert on adult education and independent researcher with publications, including peer reviewed social science papers on teaching quality, academic identities, creative approaches to assessment strategies, and the emotional labour of teaching and learning in further and higher education.

Ursula is passionate about genuinely student-centred learning, fighting regulatory capture and setting up parallel structures that foster critical thinking and quality research, without censorship.

You can listen to the interview (or download it as an audio file) above as well as through the podcast app of your choice.

The questions I asked Ursula

  1. How does the process of peer-review work and how could it be improved?

  2. How are school curricula impacted by the actions of universities?

  3. What are the ways that universities censor research outcomes that are outside the ‘accepted norms’?

  4. Who are those in leadership positions of universities and what roles do they play in censorship/promoting the political narrative?

  5. Should universities be doing any teaching at all in this day and age? Should they focus SOLELY on research instead?

  6. Is there any room for teaching in the traditional sense in the age of the internet? Is a set curricula even appropriate when different people have different interests and aptitudes?

The last point is especially pertinent in the context of the decentralised education system that must emerge in my opinion in order to prevent the events of the last three years from ever happening again.

Resources mentioned during the interview & recommended further reading

The flaws in the current peer-review process:

Dr. Marcia Angell was the former Editor-in-Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine which was considered for many years as one of the top 3 medical journals in the world.

Dr. Angell has been sounding the alarm for many years on how governments and commercial interests have corrupted the very fabric of scientific research.

She wrote a book all the way back in 2004 dedicated specifically to how drug companies deceive universities, scientists and even the general public in order to further their own commercial interests.

The warnings Dr. Angell gave in this highly recommended book written 16 years before the ‘Pandemic’ were very ominous back then but now they have an entirely different context to add to them and hopefully you understand that this is literally a matter of life and death!

Dr. Angell also wrote this opinion piece in 2010 (an entire decade before the ‘pandemic’) explaining how the process of peer-review of scientific papers has been broken beyond repair

Another great article to review in this context is this one from 2005 which demonstrates how and why most of the research findings published these days are actually completely false!

Overcoming corporate and regulatory capture:

Dr. Paul Marik has put it best when explaining corporate and regulatory capture:

"The journalists are paid off, the FDA is paid off, the people on these regulatory panels that regulate these drugs are paid they're ALL paid off."

Brian Martin is a Professor of social sciences at the University of Wollongong in Australia and also Director of Whistleblowers Australia.

He has been involved in and studied scientific and technological controversies since the 1970s, and is the author of numerous publications addressing the silencing of dissenting views and controversy dynamics.

In 2014, Prof. Martin wrote a book called The Controversy Manual which explains in great detail how to overcome the tactics of corporate regulatory capture, including censorship and defamation.

You can download the book for free HERE.

The problem with the school system:

A recommended resource which explains this topic in very clear terms is a book published in 2009 called Weapons of Mass Instruction written by John Taylor Gatto.

Weapons of Mass Instruction

An electronic version of the book is available for free HERE.

For parents considering homeschooling for their children, this online course provides a wealth of materials, advice and learning resources.

Ursula wrote the below piece on how the completely false (and even outright deadly!) narrative peddled by the legacy media over the last few years has further eroded the public’s trust in academia, governments and scholars.

Projects Ursula is involved in

Ursula supports Freedom Fighters around the world, including the Nurses for Freedom New Zealand group, who represent healthcare professionals who are still excluded from their workplaces and suffer discrimination.

Researching the behavioural science which is weaponised against citizens is also an area of significant interest for Ursula, and she recommends Reaching People as a valuable resource for facilitating deeper understanding of the power of propaganda and ways to overcome it.

Ursula is one of the founders of Truth University, a project working towards the primary function of independent education, supporting research that is rooted in critical thinking and solid evidence.

Students will be encouraged to produce their own original research in published form as part of the learning process.

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