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We are Actionable Truth Media. A new kind of Independent Media for a new kind of world.

The third decade of the 21st century has proven to be unlike any other in known human history. The term “unprecedented times” gets used a lot, and also misused unfortunately.

However, there is no denying that we are truly living in some of the most turbulent times in recent human history (and maybe ever): A global pandemic, wars (and rumours of wars), natural disasters, severe political turmoil and other calamities appear to have all converged simultaneously.

People much smarter than we’ll ever be described what is happening in the world right now as "fifth generation warfare" as it evolved from the previous four generations.

In the era of fifth generation warfare, the battlefield is the MINDS of the common citizens which means everyone is a participant, even if you never signed up for it and even if no war was declared officially.

Because of that, it also means that nobody gets to sit this one out. There is no ‘bench’ so to speak. Even if you’re not interested whatsoever in taking part, the other side still sees you as the enemy and will wage its “unrestricted warfare” against you nevertheless.

The most potent defence and weapon we have at our disposal to fight the unrestricted warfare against ordinary everyday civilians that is fifth generation warfare, is knowledge and not just any knowledge but knowing what is actually happening in the world, also known as the TRUTH.

“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

However, knowing the truth isn’t enough!

As the great English biologist and anthropologist Thomas Huxley said:

"The great end of life is not knowledge but action".

Knowing what is happening is a good start but if each and every one of us doesn’t ACT on this knowledge and encourages everyone else to do the same, our adversaries will still win and significant harm will be done.

Unlike a lot of other independent media platforms, we are not just here to tell you the truth and provide supporting evidence as to why it really is the truth.

No, here at Actionable Truth Media, we take a slightly different approach:

We don’t just reveal the truth, which is the basic tenet of every media outlet, we also suggest concrete action steps you can take, now that you know a particular truth.

While we definitely cover big picture stuff like the ‘pandemic’, government overreach, central bank digital currencies and pressing geopolitical matters such as Russia/Ukraine, the Middle East and China/Taiwan, we approach it from the angle of how it affects you the individual, your immediate family and friends and most importantly: what you can DO about it.

It may be confronting, challenging and even distressing at times but we can promise one thing: it will not be boring!

As you will quickly realise we are not quite like your local evening news or even some of the other independent media who don’t mind engaging in a bit of ‘fear porn’ and clickbait.

Not us! This is not how we roll!

Presenting information that is potentially very upsetting and even outright disturbing without suggesting a concrete course of action to deal with it can be demoralising.

When one takes action, it gives them a sense of agency which is very important for one’s emotional and even spiritual wellbeing… so taking action is what we’re all about!

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The truth will set you free…but only if you ACT!

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Technologist turned independent researcher and investigative journalist. Deep Thinker & Doer. Lover of Freedom as this is what makes everything possible. "Fear is the virus and Courage is the cure!"
An adult educator’s view. Qualified in England, migrated to New Zealand ten years ago where I became increasingly aware of the restrictions placed on academic freedoms and the conflicts of interest that prevent open debate.
I am a Biomedical Science graduate and an independent researcher who has written a scientific paper suggesting the development of interferon-based vaccines for COVID-19, avian flu & cancer.