The money trail behind the current Israel-Hamas War

Have you heard of the Ben-Gurion Canal?

The video at the top of this post was first posted on TikTok by Celine Lilas who appears to be some kind of a cosmetics/personal care ‘influencer’ based out of Dubai.

Now, as you can imagine, I do not normally take some TikTok video made by a ‘beauty influencer’ too seriously (with all due respect to beauty influencers) but something in this topic caught my attention, especially given the fact I have never heard anything about it till then despite considering myself quite proficient in the history of the middle east and the state of Israel, where I’ve spent half my life!

I decided to watch the 7 minute video and I must admit it blew me away, especially when I proceeded to independently verify Ms. Lilas’s claims and sources and found them all to be legit!

Furthermore, this ties in perfectly with some other information which emerged over the last few weeks from Israel, which the Israeli government initially denied only to later be forced to admit was actually true but was only a ‘concept paper’.

This adds significant new information to the “follow the money” section of my article about the truth behind the Israel-Hamas war currently underway.

As I discuss here, the two most important things in order to figure out the true perpetrators behind every conspiracy are:

  1. Who benefits?

  2. Money: specifically, where does it come from and who does it go to?

I covered the “who benefits” part here and will be making a significant addition to this section shortly (so watch this space).

With regards to the money, I initially planned to add this new information to the “follow the money” section of the above article but then decided this is definitely important enough to warrant its own separate article.

Let’s dive in!

The Ben-Gurion Canal

The Ben Gurion Canal Project
Ben Gurion Canal Project

You no doubt heard of the Suez Canal. This, together with the Panama Canal are the two most important man-made shipping throughways on Earth!

Well, the Ben-Gurion Canal was specifically designed to be a direct competitor to the Suez Canal and just like it, the intention behind it is to connect between the Red and the Mediterranean seas.

In case this is complete news to you (like it was to me until a few days ago), the three minute video below provides an excellent introduction:

The most important thing from the above video to park in your brain as you continue reading are the following three numbers:

  1. 12% of the world’s trade and 10% of the global oil distribution currently go through the Suez Canal;

  2. Over the last fiscal year, the Suez canal generated a revenue of 9.4 BILLION US Dollars as reported in June by the Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority which is part of the Egyptian government. This was a big increase compared to the previous fiscal year which generated ‘only’ 7 Billion US Dollars in revenue; and

  3. Estimated project cost for the Ben-Gurion Canal: 16-55 BILLION US Dollars.

In case you want to read more about the fantastic (or is it insane?) plan to create the Ben-Gurion canal through 520 underground nuclear explosions developed by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 1963, this article provides a good summary.

You can also read the full plan declassified in 1996 for yourself here and I am also including the document below just in case…

Use of Nuclear Explosives For Excavation of Sea-Level Canal Across the Negev Desert
732KB ∙ PDF file
By H.D MacCabee July 1, 1963 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The plan to clear the way for the construction of the Ben-Gurion Canal

Ok, so now that I have hopefully given you enough material to counter any claims that the Ben-Gurion Canal is a “conspiracy theory”, let’s have a look at how it’s connected to the current war between Israel and Hamas.

Ms. Lilas did a pretty good job connecting the dots in the video above (and kudos to her for that) as did this article and the post below by


eScapeGoats & Digital Realities
The implications are far more than speculative, and the billions in potential annual profits and power are the political prize at stake. “It has been revealed that the Ben Gurion Canal, which opens to the Red Sea from the Gaza-Ashkelon line, is behind Israel's genocide and dehumanization plan in Gaza. Within the scope of the plan, Israel aims to push Eg…
Read more

However, I will provide some more details and further context below and connecting the dots further thanks to the fact that I am a native Hebrew speaker.

How do the events of October 7 and everything which happened since tie into the plan to build the Ben-Gurion Canal?

I will explain this to you in very simple terms using bullet points:

  • The proposed route for the Ben Gurion Canal as originally proposed passes very closely to the Gaza strip.

  • Building a canal to accommodate large freight ships in sand dunes or along sandy banks is a big challenge and can cause a multitude of issues down the track. As ChatGPT puts it (I kid you not):

Building a sea canal on sandy banks is hard because sand is a loose and unstable material that can easily shift or erode due to water currents, waves, wind, or gravity. Sand also has a low bearing capacity, which means it cannot support heavy loads or structures without sinking or collapsing. Therefore, constructing a sea canal on sandy banks would require extensive engineering and maintenance to ensure the canal’s stability, safety, and navigability.

A recent example of the challenges of sea canal construction on sandy banks is the case of the Ever Given, a massive cargo ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal for six days in March 2021.

This incident illustrates how building a sea canal on sandy banks can pose serious risks and challenges for maritime transportation and commerce. Therefore, engineers and planners need to consider the geotechnical and hydrological characteristics of the canal’s site, as well as the environmental and economic impacts of the canal’s construction and operation.

Who said AI cannot be used for good? ;)

Moving right along.

  • Making a slight shift in the route of the Ben-Gurion canal so that it goes through the Gaza strip instead of near it solves the above issue almost entirely.

  • There are two things preventing that though:

    • Hamas have been the rulers of the Gaza strip since 2007 and are not big fans of Israel, to put it mildly (although Israel’s current PM Netanyahu was more than happy to support them); and

    • The Gaza strip currently has 2,098,389 Palestinians living there according to the CIA world factbook and like any people anywhere, they will very much like to stay in their homes and live their lives in peace (the shock and awe, I know…)

  • Something needs to happen in order to give the Israeli government, those who back it and those who stand to profit from the enormous construction project and the license to print money that is the Ben-Gurion Canal, the excuse they need to get said people out of the way as well as the terrorist organisation (this is not my opinion but rather how Hamas is officially designated by many governments of the former ‘free world’) which currently rules over them.

  • Enter October 7.

  • Israel now has the excuse they need to eradicate Hamas by any means necessary and move the Palestinian civilians out of the way (for their ‘safety’).

  • The Gaza strip is now free and clear of those ‘pesky’ civilians allowing the Ben-Gurion canal project to commence in a more ‘friendly’ setting.


Any questions?

If so, fire away in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to answer.

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Additional information and context from Israeli media and other sources in Hebrew

This is where I hopefully have something unique to add to the discussion.

In March 2021, an article was published in Globes, Israel’s leading business news publication, detailing how the incident of the massive container ship getting stuck in the Suez canal (which happened that very month) will make it significantly easier to get the funding needed for any project involving the connection of the red sea and the mediterranean sea through Israeli territory.

This can include railways, pipelines or “any other project”.

One particular project the article highlights and also says that Egypt is very concerned about, is the use of an existing pipeline for carrying both crude oil and various refined by-products from the UAE.

This existing pipeline has been around since 1968 and connects the southern Israeli city of Eilat on the Red Sea to the Israeli port city of Ashkelon on the Mediterranean sea.

This 254 km pipeline, which was originally constructed as a joint venture between Israel and…wait for it… IRAN during the rule of the Shah there (a period during which relations between Israel and Iran were extremely friendly & close) is currently able to carry 400,000 barrels per day from Ashkelon to Eilat and 1.2 million barrels per day in the opposite direction between Eilat and Ashkelon.

Following the revolution in Iran in 1979 and the severing of diplomatic relations between Israel and what is now the Islamic Republic, Israel has taken full control over the pipeline and currently it is operated by an entity called Europe Asia Pipeline Company Ltd (“EAPC”), a company fully owned by the Israeli government.

In stage one of the project, oil tankers coming from the UAE will change their route to drop their cargo of ‘black gold’ in the port of Eilat instead of going through the Suez canal.

The crude and refined oil will be pumped through the existing pipeline to Ashkelon from which it will be sent out to its final destination with the UAE saving money and time, thus increasing the profit margin on its oil exports.

In the second stage of the project, a pipeline will be built through Saudi Arabia which will eliminate the need to use oil tankers altogether with oil flowing directly from the gulf to Eilat on the Red Sea and onwards to the Mediterranean sea using the existing pipeline.

As you can imagine, other than any potential geopolitical benefits, we are talking about a significant saving in costs when it comes to transporting crude oil and its products from the gulf to the end customers in Europe and North America.

The article further mentions that in October 2020, an MoU was signed between EAPC (read: the Israeli government) and a group called MED-RED which was formed by business people from both the UAE and Israel, “to transport oil from the Gulf state and Eastern markets to the West and vice versa, via pipelines linking the Mediterranean to the Red Sea”.

EAPC crude route - Europe-Asia

Following the signing of that MoU, the Globes article mentions that the Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority (read: the Egyptian government) publicly stated that they expect a decline of 13-16% in the number of ships going through the canal once the new arrangement is fully in place.

That’s A LOT of $$$ the Egyptian government stands to lose!

There is a catch though the article doesn’t mention:

Ashkelon is located a mere 32 Km from Check point Erez, the official crossing point between Israel and the Gaza strip and can easily be targeted by Hamas rockets as has happened many times in the past, as well as during the current conflict.

As you can imagine, having a strategic asset and a major moneymaker such as this within range of Hamas rockets is a bit of a problem and not just for Israel but also for any foreign investors…..

The solution?

Eliminate the threat…even if it involves sacrificing over a thousand of your own people and over 20000 innocent Palestinians, with about 40% of them being children!

Any questions?

If so, fire away in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to answer.

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Eilat’s strategic place and role

To close off this section, I’d like to provide a few quotes from a speech David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s founding father and first Prime Minister gave in Eilat in 1963 towards the end of his time as Prime Minister.

The title of the speech is “the vision of Eilat”:

I first came to this place in 1934. I can’t really say Eilat as Eilat didn’t exist at the time. When I came here back then, this place was called Um Rash-Rash and didn’t even have a place where you could spend the night. I found a few police officers here, one or two were Jewish, and a Police station operated by the British mandate government in Palestine.

I knew immediately that this is where Eilat will be. I said in my heart: “this place now called Um Rash-Rash will soon be called Eilat.”

Now, 13 years after the official creation of the city of Eilat and after the securing of free maritime passage following the Sinai campaign (a short war between Israel and Egypt in 1957), it is hard to imagine the great economic future of this place.

Eilat hasn’t been created yet like it is truly meant to be. Eilat will be a major international port.

Israel is the only country, except Egypt, which has direct access point to two parts of the world:

  1. Europe, West Africa and America via the Mediterranean Sea; and

  2. Asia and East Africa via the Red Sea.

We have an absolute right, according to international law and security council resolutions, to use the Suez Canal.

However, we are blessed with our own land-based Suez Canal between Eilat and Haifa (Israel’s primary port city and my former home town) and even if the Suez Canal is destroyed or closes down (my emphasis added), we don’t need it!

In 1956, the IDF gave us one of the best gifts it could possibly give us: free maritime passage through the gulf of Eilat and unrestricted access to the Red Sea, East Africa, the great Asian continent, India, Japan and Australia.

I am certain that the dream of an international port city with hundreds of thousands of inhabitants, if not a million (current population of Eilat is just over 54K) on the gulf of Eilat, a port city which will bring to all parts of Asia the products of a big market, created by hundreds of thousands of inhabitants of the the Negev, agricultural, industrial and commercial, is not a false dream!

This is not a legend written in some book and it is unfolding in real life!

The plan to CLEAR the Gaza strip from its inhabitants

This again may sound like a conspiracy theory (and I wish it was to be honest) but unfortunately it is not!

I already covered briefly a plan to create a tent city in the north of the Sinai peninsula which will house a million Palestinian refugees ‘evacuated’ from the Gaza strip and get Egypt and Qatar to pay for it.

The plan was revealed to

by an unnamed Israeli insider and I cover it HERE.

Mr. Hersh is literally the single most experienced, respected and awarded investigative journalist alive today!!

The 86 year old Hersh started his journalism career in 1959 and given his distinguished long career (during which he NEVER reported something later proven to be false!), obviously has access to information and sources I can only dream of (which allows him to publish things such as this).

However, I don’t need such sources when the information is out there for all to see (provided you speak Hebrew that is).

On October 28, Israeli journalist Yuval Abraham, broke an exclusive story on an Israeli independent media outlet called “Sicha Mekomit” (local conversation) created as a joint venture between two Israeli organisations dedicated to the promotion of a vibrant independent media scene in the country: Just Vision & +972 magazine (972 is the country code for Israel when making an international phone call).

The exclusive by Abraham (which is in Hebrew) reveals that on October 13, just 6 days after the start of the current war, the Ministry of Intelligence of the Israeli government, created a 10 page document outlining that the transfer of Palestinian civilians out of the Gaza strip is a “desired outcome of the war”.

The document then proceeds to outline in detail how that will be achieved:

  1. Get the local residents to “evacuate south” while the attacks by the Israeli Air Force (IAF) focus on the northern part of the Gaza strip (check).

  2. The IDF will commence a massive ground assault on the Gaza strip with the goal of taking over the entirety of the Gaza strip and the clearing of all of Hamas’s underground bunkers and tunnels (check)

  3. The final step is to get ALL the civilians in the Gaza strip to leave the territory and move to Egypt. Once that’s done, those civilians will NEVER be allowed to return to Gaza. Furthermore, a “sterile zone” will be created a few Kilometres into Egyptian territory to which the Palestinian refugees will not be allowed to even enter.

The document specifically states that:

“Routes to the South must remain usable so that the civilian population
can be evacuated towards Rafah”

Rafah is located in the southern tip of the Gaza strip, right next to the border with Egypt and where the official border crossing into the Egyptian town of the same name is located.

The document also states that a dedicated campaign should be targeted at the Palestinian civilians to “get them to agree to the plan” and give up their lands and to also make it clear that “there is no hope for you to return any time soon to any territory captured by Israel”, regardless of whether this is true or not.

The document even outlines the specific message to be used which is:

“Allah caused you to lose your land because of the actions by the Hamas leadership. You have no other choice left but to relocate elsewhere with the help of your muslim brethren”

The document then states that the Israeli government should launch a PR campaign which promotes the plan to transfer all the Palestinian civilians out of Gaza as a ‘humanitarian’ move .

The document states that the campaign should emphasise the fact that the transfer of Civilians out of the Gaza strip will result in a lower number of casualties compared to if the civilians stay put.

The document then states that Israel should aim to get the US government onboard and put pressure on the Egyptian government to accept the refugees. Israel also devised a plan to essentially bribe the egyptian government: take the refugees from Gaza off our hands and we will pay all your current outstanding debt to the World Bank.

The document also states that other countries should be approached as well to settle the Palestinian refugees in their territory with Greece, Spain and Canada specifically mentioned by name!

Finally, the document discusses two other alternatives of how to deal with the Palestinian civilians after the war:

  1. Get the Palestinian Authority which currently rules the west bank only after getting kicked out by Hamas during the 2007 Palestinian civil war, to take over Gaza from Hamas; or

  2. Create a new local leadership in Gaza which will be an alternative to Hamas.

The document concludes by saying both of the above options are not desirable for Israel from a strategic security perspective because neither provides enough of a deterrent from future attacks of such nature, especially when it comes to the Iran-backed Hezbollah militia in Lebanon.

You can download the full document below. It is in Hebrew (obviously) but you can easily run it through Google Translate and confirm that what I said above is indeed true.

Policy Paper: Alternatives for statehood directives for Gaza's Civilian Population
388KB ∙ PDF file
Ministry of Intelligence October 13, 2023

Is this document authentic?

Well, it has the Ministry’s logo on it but that obviously means nothing.

When “Sicha Mekomit” (local conversation) approached the Ministry of Intelligence regarding the authenticity of the document, they say that a source (which they don’t disclose) in the ministry said to them that:

The document is indeed authentic and was distributed to Israel’s defence establishment by the policy department in the in the ministry and that “it was not meant to be given to the media”.


If so, fire away in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to answer.

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This MADNESS must be stopped. NOW!

I’ve already covered in my previous article on the Israel-Hamas war the unprecedented attacks by Israel’s legacy media on anyone daring to question the official narrative of the October 7 attacks (namely: that Israel was caught completely by surprise) despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Well, it seems like the clamp down has escalated significantly since then as you can see here as well as in this latest update from Israeli independent journalist


You're The Voice | by Efrat Fenigson
Under the Guise of War: Israel Government Restricts Rights of Israelis
Watch now (19 mins) | Hey dear followers, It’s been a while since I updated via video, I needed to take my time. Please find a transcript of my video below, and feel free to download the video and share. Please provide me with credit + link. This video is also on YouTube…
Read more

There are also images emerging from Gaza showing innocent civilians being marched by the IDF, some of them with their hands up and carrying white flags, as they are ‘evacuated’ from their homes towards the southern part of the Gaza strip.

This conflict IS about to get out of hand…if it hasn’t already

Last Friday, November 3, Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary-General (which is effectively the supreme leader) of Iranian-backed Lebanese militia Hezbollah, delivered a major speech which was the first time he made any remarks on the current war between Israel and Hamas since Israel formally declared war on October 7.

While he stopped short of an outright formal declaration of war against Israel, he has made it crystal clear that the continuation of the attacks on Palestinians in Gaza will not be tolerated and called on the entire Arab world to join the fight which the Iranian-backed Houthi militia in Yemen already did:

Hezbollah itself has over 150,000 advanced rockets in its arsenal which can effectively reach anywhere in Israel and the commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards' Quds Force has also visited Lebanon over the last week for a ‘coordination’ meeting.

Speaking of Iran, as I am about to publish this article, news are breaking that the US attacked what Fox News report are “Iranian-backed proxies” in Eastern Syria:

Meanwhile, a very senior officer of the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) said openly on Iranian TV that if Iran is attacked, they have western hostages which they will “eliminate”.

Iran is obviously a formidable opponent if a direct confrontation with the Islamic Republic does indeed happen.

Even if Iran does not get directly involved, Hizbullah, its proxy in Lebanon, can also do some very serious damage not just to Israel but to the US as well (or any other foreign power that chooses to engage with it).

Can this be stopped from escalating beyond anyone’s control?

I am no military or geopolitics expert and don’t have the slightest idea!

In my humble personal opinion, the situation can still potentially be brought under control (at least somewhat) but pretty extreme measures are required at this point which may (and likely will) result in the use of force, especially if the parties (and particularly the Israeli leadership at this stage) refuse to de-escalate on their own accord.

Some potential measures to be taken are:

  • Ceasing all military aid and financial support to the State of Israel IMMEDIATELY.

  • A formal declaration by the international community that this war is now illegal and both parties engaged in horrific war crimes against each other since the war first broke while the IDF still continues to do this right now!

  • The establishment & strict enforcement of a “no fly zone” over the Gaza strip to prevent further bombardments by the Israeli Air Force (IAF). It should further be made clear that from the commencement of the “no fly zone”, any IAF fighter jet or attack helicopter detected over the territory of Gaza will be shot down.

  • Members of the IDF who understand what’s happening and what endgame this is leading to should refuse to follow orders from their commanders or the civilian government of Benjamin Netanyahu as these are “clearly & evidently unlawful orders” as per the IDF’s own ethics training.

My main concern with regards to the chances of any western nation moving to sanction Israel or getting involved in the enforcement of a “no fly zone” over Gaza (including the shooting down of any IAF assets which don’t comply with it) is around the fact that they are financially incentivised not to get involved in stopping the clearing of Gaza from its civilian population, as the beginning of this article outlines.

What happens if this rapid escalation is not stopped?

Well, I already shared this video showing the endgame in very stark terms.

For the end of this article though, I’d like to give you a glimpse into life AFTER the endgame takes place.

The video below is a segment from a 1959 movie called On the Beach which I have never heard of up until a few days ago when I was introduced to it by my colleague and fellow truth seeker


This despite the fact it features some of the biggest Hollywood heavyweights at the time.

The segment below speaks for itself and anything I add will only detract from its potency.

We can stop this …. BUT I NEED YOUR HELP with spreading the truth as mass-awareness and pushback is the only option at this stage!


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