The TRUTH about the COVID-19 Injections

We will take you all the way to the bottom of this rabbit hole and also explain how you can ACT on that information.

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“Veritas vos liberabit”

Truth is a strange beast.

It can be both a source of great joy or great sadness and even horror but as the famous biblical verse goes, it will always (always!) set you free because it will remove the wool from your eyes that someone else (or maybe even you yourself) have put on them.

A saying I heard a lot over the last few years and which I really like is:

The Truth is like a lion. It does not need defending.

Just let it loose and it will take care of itself!

Well, to use this analogy, I'd say that just 12 months ago it felt like that lion was locked up at the bottom of an underground bunker in a cage with electric barbed fence and guarded by a team of crack special forces soldiers armed with a flamethrower.

Now, it feels like that lion is well and truly free from his enclosure and devouring everything in his path!

We have now reached the stage in this journey where "Common Knowledge" is imminent!

As Chris mentions in the video above, “Common Knowledge” has pretty much been reached already in the US state of Florida where the highest ranking public health official in that state has put out this tweet through his official government account:

He then doubled-down and less than a week later, has put out this tweet:

Remember: this is not some so called “conspiracy theorist” or even an independent researcher or journalist, this is a very senior public servant employed by the state government of Florida!

Meanwhile in other US states, the public health authorities are still putting out these sort of messages:

If you think that’s pretty bad, take a look at this tweet from the Chief Health Officer of the Australian state of Victoria from early March 2023, and especially the quote from the video they have chosen to put at the top of their tweet!

There is clearly still a journey ahead before full and complete “Common Knowledge” is achieved on a global scale.

To further accelerate that process, we at Actionable Truth Media have just published a major exposé on the full and unfiltered truth about the injectable therapeutic products (still referred to by governments and legacy media as “Vaccines”) which have been deployed globally around the world in the last 2 years.

I do have to warn you though of two things:

  1. It is a a beast of a post so you may need to clear a few hours in your schedule to read and more importantly, fully absorb, what it says and the implications of that; and

  2. We will take you all the way to the bottom of this rabbit hole (at least the current bottom) and while you may be shocked and horrified with what you will find there, I can assure you with 100% certainty that it is the TRUTH!

The video embedded at the top of this post discusses what is probably the single most disturbing aspect about these injectables and will ‘transport’ you almost instantly and without any ‘warm up’ to the bottom of the rabbit hole, or at least very very close to it.

Please watch it before you click through to the exposé on our website and then consider this:

“Am I ready to at least entertain the idea that everything I’ve seen in that video is true, pending further evidence?”

Think about this question very carefully as this is a moment that is really very similar to that iconic scene from the first Matrix movie:

Just like in that iconic scene, you can choose to ‘take the blue pill’ now and then “wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe” which in this context will be simply closing this tab and moving on with your day.

However, if you feel you are ready for the ultimate real-life red pill, keep reading.

Just like in that iconic scene, I also want to make it absolutely clear that:

All I am offering is the TRUTH, nothing more!

True to our name, we will not just reveal the Truth but also discuss what ACTION you can take if you have taken these injectables, and even if you didn't (as their implications are not just restricted to those who have been injected, as you will soon find out).

Some of these actions are literally at the bleeding edge of science (the real one, not the farce we have seen over the last 3 years) and research around them is still being conducted frantically as we speak all over the world so please consider that before deciding to act on any of the potential solutions highlighted in the article.

We are not your doctor (or anyone's doctors for that matter) and are simply reporting the facts and the evidence as they emerge.

Ok, after this somewhat long (but necessary!) introduction, it is time to brace yourself Dorothy as “Kansas is going bye bye!”

The TRUTH about the C19 Injections

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