Marking the first anniversary of the Canadian Freedom Convoy

This changed everything and here's why

A year ago, on January 22, 2022, a certain event happened that will undoubtedly go down in history as “the end of the beginning” of our collective global nightmare.

For me personally, it was also the one single event that made me to realise beyond any reasonable doubt that whatever was playing out in front of our eyes around the world had absolutely NOTHING to do with public health, thus further accelerating my process of awakening.

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A bit of context

On Saturday, January 15, 2022 a vaccine mandate came into effect which meant that any Canadian truck drivers working on the very busy cross-border route to and from the US will be required to quarantine if unvaccinated when crossing the border back into Canada.

The Canadian truck drivers didn’t like this one bit and especially weren’t impressed that their government completely ignored the concerns they raised and went ahead with the mandates anyway.

In response, they started blockading key border crossings between Canada and the US calling for the Canadian government to negotiate and provide solutions to their concerns, or at least an extension at the very least.

How did the Trudeau/Freeland government (which should better be referred to as the Freeland regime, proudly brought to you by the World Economic Forum) respond?

Not well.

Instead of negotiating in good faith with the people paying their salaries, the regime chose a heavy handed approach and ordered the police to clear the blockade by whatever means necessary, including the use of force.

The Freedom Convoy

This heavy handed approach by the Freeland Regime didn’t go down well with the vast majority of the Canadian Truckers, as well as large swaths of the general Canadian public, usually known for being very calm and polite.

On January 22, 2022, in the midst of the deep freeze that is the Canadian winter, a convoy of trucks left the city of Prince Rupert in British Columbia bound for the Canadian federal capital of Ottawa.

Their intention was clear yet very ambitious: they said they will park in front of the Canadian Parliament building, block traffic and honk their horns until the government sits down with them and listens to their grievances.

This simple act of defiance quickly garnered wide support and other truck drivers, as well as everyday Canadians quickly joined in from all over the country converging on the capital.

At its peak, the Freedom Convoy was over 150 km long!

As the initial group of truckers became the Freedom Convoy, its goals became more ambitious: they said they will stay in the capital and will not leave until the Freeland regime drops all vaccine mandates.

How did the regime respond this time? Again, not well!

The regime’s mouthpiece Justin Trudeau (who was selected to ‘play’ the role of Prime Minister due to his ‘interesting’ background) referred to the Freedom Convoy as:

A fringe minority with unacceptable views. Right wing extremist with many of them being outright white supremacists.

He didn’t stop at that.

On February 15, 2022, the regime invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time since it was legislated in 1988, making the absolutely preposterous claim that the truckers were “trying to overthrow the government”.

This act was originally designed to only be used in cases of severe emergency such as a natural disaster on a national scale, a catastrophic terrorist attack or Canada being outright invaded by a foreign power.

Obviously, none of that was even remotely the case on this occasion.

Freeland herself didn’t waste time and used her new powers under the act to freeze the crowdfunding accounts of the Freedom Convoy organisers.

She didn’t stop at that and proceeded to also freeze the bank accounts of any Canadian who made a financial contribution to their cause.

The Convoy Arrives to the Capital

The Freedom Convoy converged on Ottawa on January 29, 2022, a week after it was first started in Prince Rupert, BC.

Neither Trudeau, Freeland or any other member of their regime agreed to meet with the convoy organisers (who are all Canadian taxpayers mind you which make them their bosses) with Trudeau even going as far as hiding behind his need to remain in isolation due to testing positive for COVID. How very convenient!

Instead of meeting with their constituents, the regime and their cronies in the Ottawa city council ordered the police to harass the truckers through various means, including confiscating their fuel, without which they couldn’t keep their cabins warm in the sub zero temperatures.

Despite all these harassments, the truckers refused to leave and became even more determined.

Daniel Bulford, The Freedom Convoy’s head of security, a former Royal Canadian Mountain Police (RCMP) sniper who in his last role before resigning and joining the freedom convoy, was on the personal security detail of Prime Minister Trudeau, spoke strongly against the actions taken by the regime stating he doesn’t recognise his own country which he swore an oath to protect.

Seeing the Freedom Convoy staying put and making no signs of leaving the capital, the regime has had enough and ordered the police to forcefully remove the Freedom Convoy from the Capital and arrest its organisers.

This was done aggressively and through what is obvious to even the most untrained eye as excessive use of force (see the video above).

Canada has never been the same ever since!


One of the provisions of the Emergencies Act requires that each invocation is followed up by a commission of enquiry to investigate the circumstances of the invocation and whether it was warranted or not.

The commission of enquiry was held between October 13 and December 2, 2022.

The Freedom Convoy Organisers were represented by Eva Chipiuk whose closing remarks at the conclusion of the commission’s deliberations should in my opinion be mandatory viewing/reading for any school student as part of their civic studies and for any student studying law.

She is a true credit to her profession.

Another major development that has occurred in Canada since the Freedom Convoy (and one of the only glimmers of light in an otherwise pretty depressing state of affairs in my opinion) was the ascension of Danielle Smith to become the Premier of the province of Alberta.

Since becoming Premier, she made it clear that her government will not tolerate any vaccine or mask mandates, school closures or other excessive COVID measures.

She also sacked the Province’s Chief Medical Officer in one of her first acts as Premier after publicly stating that:

I think that we’re in a new phase where we are now talking about treating Coronavirus (as) influenza.

I will get new advice on public health.

Most importantly of all:

The Canadian Freedom convoy inspired similar convoys and demonstrations all over the world including in Australia, New Zealand, The US, Europe and Israel, all with the same demand: end all vaccine mandates and excessive COVID measures and government overreach.

Lest we forget!

The True North strong and free!

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